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December 9, 2005
Stock Trading with an Offshore Brokerage Account
By Richard Price

With an IBC (International Business Corporation), trading offshore can have many advantages. Your offshore brokerage account can be under your IBC company name, which ensures privacy while trading because your personal name is never revealed. Offshore brokerage houses have been using this technique for years to trade in complete privacy in a tax-free setting.

Once you’ve established your IBC, you would have the choice of opening a domestic brokerage account or an offshore brokerage account. Both of these would be under your IBC name, and would have access to International markets. However, an offshore brokerage account would allow you greater privacy.

Offshore brokerage accounts offer far better privacy because the brokerage accounts are located in offshore tax havens with very high levels of confidentiality and tough asset protection laws. In contrast, domestic brokerage accounts have no such protection. The beneficial owner must be fully disclosed even if an offshore company is used to hold the account. It is also important to remember that the US is one of the easiest places to be sued and have assets seized.

An offshore brokerage account will allow you to trade internationally on most exchanges. You can buy U.S. stocks, purchase bonds, mutual funds, currencies, treasury bonds, invest in European markets, and bank CDs and commodities.

Also, many offshore brokerage houses include offshore Forex online foreign exchange services. Most of them allow state-of-the-art trading software, rapid and trade execution, zero commissions, and 3 pip spreads with hedging capability.

So combine the benefit of stock trading with the advantage of an offshore IBC/brokerage account, and start making real profits on your trades.

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